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DEHA, Fashion clothing

for active women

Of the many ways of expressing one's emotions, dancing is the best way to celebrate expression of the body.
The DANCE line by DEHA reinterprets the iconic garments dance in a modern way.

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The many daily activities demand practicality in the apparel,  but the feminine sensitivity also demands fantasy and personality.
The EASY line combines comfort and style without to renounce the sporting soul that characterizes the DEHA woman

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In a world that never stops, the female universe knows when it's time to focus on your physical and mental  well being. The HARMONIC line is dedicated to the world of wellness and yoga.

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DEHA is the first Italian brand to develop a rich WELLNESS collection, designed to coddle the woman in the relax moments, at home or on vacation, on a cruise or in beauty farm.


The woman who inspires the ACTIVE line of DEHA looks for clothes in able to reconcile his energetic character with the femininity that distinguishes it.
Quality and style characterize this line from the high technical performance, adding maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

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For women dressing is a way to express themselves, interpreting the occasion  and the trend of the moment.
The EXPRESSION line adds to the dynamism of the DEHA collections, elegance and refinement making each unique woman!

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EMANA technology is a yarn based on Polyamide Rhodia 6.6 with bioactive minerals that it absorbs the warmth of the human body and reflects the infrared rays favoring the biostimulation of the metabolism, cellulite reduction and of muscle fatigue.

DEHA BALLET is the DEHA line dedicated to the world of classic dance. The use of very high quality fabrics and treatments exclusive, makes this line ideal to satisfy the most demanding dancers