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LYCRA Love ♥

A selection of garments that, thanks to LYCRA® fiber, ensure maximum comfort by enhancing the elasticity and fit of the garment. Become a LYCRA® lover too.

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LYCRA Love ♥

You are a LYCRA lover if you want to move freely throughout the day; you are a LYCRA lover if you want every outfit to feel like it was made for you and sewn to your body.

Lycra garments offer the perfect blend of comfort and adaptability. Thanks to its elasticity and strength, it hugs the body, guaranteeing freedom of movement and a perfect fit. This versatile fabric is ideal for sportswear, underwear or everyday wear, providing a feeling of lightness and comfort for every occasion.

Discover the functionality of Lycra garments and give your outfits a dynamic and comfortable style.
Due to current UK-EU Custom regulations, we are currently unable to ship orders below 135 GBP. However, for orders above this threshold, shipment costs are on us. Enjoy your shopping with DEHA!