Free to start autumn with the right rhythm. Yours!

Libera di iniziare l'autunno con il ritmo giusto. Il tuo! | DEHA
Libera di iniziare l'autunno con il ritmo giusto. Il tuo! | DEHA

DEHA celebrates the beauty of being oneself and once again invites women to listen to their own rhythm, to wear what enhances and represents them the most. The key words of this narrative are awareness, well-being, and the free expression of one's personality.

Feel your rhythm: the Fall/Winter 23/24 collection

Feel your rhythm, an invitation to listen to one's own rhythm, arises from an awareness of the multitude of energies inherent in every woman. Our collections are born from listening to women and their energies, where the sportswear spirit and fashion coexist in stylistic harmony and balance. The FW23/24 collection is a new expression of the brand's DNA, represented by the unusual juxtaposition of styles, patterns, and fabrics.

Authenticity, Lifestyle, Well-being, Athleisure

DEHA is a brand rooted in sports, dance, and movement, and it transforms these elements into fashion, expanding into a unique and authentic lifestyle. We tell this story through four collection themes, one for each primary energy. It all starts with CORE, the deepest energy where the essence of DEHA's style resides, expressed in essential and iconic pieces that speak most of the brand's heritage. We then move to the softer and more feminine energy, SOUL, where we find soft pieces suitable for yoga practice. We arrive at RHYTHM, inspired by street dance, bursting with colours and expressing vital and easy energy through unique combinations of fabrics, colours, and volumes. Finally, PULSE, the strongest energy, the one that drives sports performance and adds boldness to looks that immediately appear glamorous and fashionable.


The meeting of diverse trends: the patterns of the collection

Except for CORE, which is interpreted in solid color blocks due to its essential nature, the other collections are characterised by all-over patterns, a longstanding hallmark of our brand. SOUL, for this winter, draws inspiration from Navajo ethnic prints interpreted in collection colours, adding distinctiveness and femininity to each piece. For the RHYTHM collection, we've designed a 'camouflower' pattern to immediately capture the essence of this theme, inspired by urban contexts and mixing street inspirations with the feminine heritage of the dance world. Finally, PULSE also finds inspiration in city contexts, with bold maxi lettering designs that combine pop-art with fashion trends, this collection will certainly appeal to individuals with stronger personalities.

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La collezione SS24  si ispira ai movimenti di una ballerina, che inizia la performance attingendo alla sua energia più profonda, la CORE, per poi proseguire con altre 3 energie primarie dalla più morbida alla più pulsante....


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