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La collezione SS24  si ispira ai movimenti di una ballerina, che inizia la performance attingendo alla sua energia più profonda, la CORE, per poi proseguire con altre 3 energie primarie dalla più morbida alla più pulsante....

L'arte della vestibilità: i nostri pantaloni tra eleganza, stile e comfort | DEHA

The art of fit: DEHA Pants - Elegance, Style, and Comfort

DEHA pants embody a blend of timeless elegance and impeccable fit. Their cut, design, and adaptability are specifically crafted to embrace the body harmoniously.

Libera di iniziare l'autunno con il ritmo giusto. Il tuo! | DEHA

Free to start autumn with the right rhythm. Yours!

DEHA celebrates the beauty of being oneself and once again invites women to listen to their own rhythm, to wear what enhances and represents them the most. The key words of this narrative are awareness, well-being,...

Armocromia: trova il colore che accende il tuo ritmo | DEHA

Personal colour analysis: find the shade that lights up your rhythm

With armocramia – a personal colour analysis, we discover which hues enhance our appearance, making us feel more at ease in our everyday attire. We aim to encourage women to explore the realms of well-being and...

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